Testimonial from Mimi Smith, 2017

As a child the closest to swimming I ever got was playing with the garden sprinklers. We moved to Australia in 2008 and we all fell in love with the beaches.

One day my son got in a little trouble at the beach and I felt hopeless in being unable to assist in rescuing him. The decision was then made to get the kids into nippers and for me at 42 years old to learn to swim from scratch. It wasn’t easy at the start but I got the best help.

From learning the basics with Charm in 2013 and to now doing her training sets in the pool and sessions at Balmoral I’m now loving swimming. I currently go into swim races every weekend and also have progressed in triathlons from sprint distance to 70.3’s (half ironman). My goal is now to do an Ironman.

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