Testimonial from Elizabeth Verth, March 2017

I first met Charm several years ago on one of my regular trips to Sydney, when she was coaching at one of the Sydney pools. My freestyle, I though, was ok, but I wanted to learn bilateral breathing. From the onset, Charm’s coaching style gave me confidence. In just a few initial lessons, show worked on my stroke, teaching me greater efficiency in the water.. and bilateral breathing. By then, I was hooked to do better – to swim further, more quickly and with a better style, without fatiguing.


Since those early days, my swimming has progressed. A few years ago, Charm encouraged me into the sea to try open water swimming, one of her specialities. Charm has a wealth of knowledge and experience of swimming and coaching in the open water. I knew that she coached swimmers who had  successfully completed solo swims of the English Channel and other major ocean swims, so to have Charms as my swim coach was a real privilege. Charm has helped and  encouraged me from each personal objective to the next, and with each swim goal becoming more challenging. I have learned a huge amount from her, not just about my stroke, but about open water and marathon swimming.

Living for the most part in the UK, Charm keeps in touch with me, writing coaching plans; answering questions; giving advice and providing encouragement. On my visits to Sydney, I continue to see her for one to one and group coaching. Charm very generously passes on her knowledge and experience of swimming. There is o doubt that my swimming would not have progressed in the same way without Charm’s coaching.

Thank you Charm!

Currently doing online program for Gibraltar Swim in September 2017.

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