• Where I Coach

    I am available for coaching sessions at Balmoral 7 Days a week

  • Skills & Techniques

    Charm's experience in ocean swimming and Rottnest allows her to teach techniques that range from basic strokes to more advanced endurance exercises.

  • About Swim Coach Charm

    Swim Coach Charm is an experienced swimming coach teaching across Sydney. Whether it's training for an oceanswim or learning the basics, Charm helps you be safe and enjoy the water.

Charm Frend is an experienced swim coach, who has worked with swimmers of all levels from advanced long distance to those new to the water. She is currently unavailable for lessons.

Since she was 9, Charm has been swimming competitively in both short distance and long distance environments. Her passion for Ocean-swimming has taken her overseas to the Pacific Islands and to many beaches across Australia, Europe, America and New Zealand.

Teaching swimmers since she was 20, Charm knows the ins and outs of technique for long distance, short distance and beginner swimmers both for pool, including Aussi masters and openwater. She has previously coached and crewed Duncan Adams for his swim across the English Channel, Marty Filipowski for his English Channel, Catalina, Manhattan and Cook Strait swims, Tom Pembroke for his recent English Channel crossing and created training plans for his North Channel, Molokai and Catalina crossings, Training plans for Elizabeth Verth for her Brownsea swims and upcoming Gibraltar swim, Crewed and coached John Jameson, Rachael Elkaim and James Walker for their English Channel swims and continues to coach group and private lessons at a range of locations across Sydney.

With every lesson, Charm encourages her students to love the water as much as she does. She believes that swimmers helped by good technique and confidence should relax in water, not fight it.

Charm coaches at Balmoral Beach. She provides group lessons, private lessons, open water coaching and can tailor a program to your needs.  Contact her today to make a booking.

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May 17, 2017 by sydney

Coaching Current Availability

Currently unavailable for lessons… Read more

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Charm has helped and encouraged me from each personal objective to the next, and with each swim goal becoming more challenging. I have learned a huge amount from her, not just about my stroke, but about open water and marathon swimming, so to have Charm as my swim coach was a real privilege. Read More

Elizabeth Verth, March 2017

I have been very lucky to have this woman by my side in each of my long distance swims. She will push you to your breaking point, does not take excuses and doesn’t do bullshit. If you push through the pain you will see incredible progress. Read More

Thomas Pembroke, March 2017

From learning the basics with Charm in 2013 and to now doing her training sets in the pool and sessions at Balmoral I’m now loving swimming. I currently go into swim races every weekend and also have progressed in triathlons from sprint distance to 70.3's (half ironman). Read More

Mimi Smith, 2017

Coach Charm helped me find something in myself that I didn't know I had in me. She has also helped me get over hurdles that caused self-doubt such as gaining confidence in cold water after being overcome with hypothermia during my first long swim in 15 degrees. Read More

Marty Filipowski, March 2017

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